The Cyrcle Phone

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The Cyrcle Phone 4G

Unique Phones for Non-Rectangular People

The Cyrcle Phone is a unique phone with a clever shape. Unlike other designer phones which repeat the same configuration year after year, we are on a mission to make Non-Rectangular Phones for Non-Rectangular People. Through our products we cross boundaries of gender and age, and strive for diversity and inclusion. Our non-traditional phones feature a non-rectangular design. We believe these products are perfect for those who like to explore beyond the status quo.

Our Smartphone Journey

Our Cyrcle Phone 2G prototype had a successful Kickstarter campaign. We met our Kickstarter goal, delivered all phones in less than 2 months(!), and have been gaining incredible traction ever since. We believe our unique smart phone design and concepts breathe fresh air and innovation into an otherwise boring digital landscape

Unique Phones, Unique Ideas.

The Cyrcle Phone 4G isn't your ordinary mobile device. We're building an experience missed by other projects. We feel the desire for a unique phone design has long since been neglected -- and we're answering the call! We look forward to raising the bar as the best curved phone on the market.


Why are there no images of your new phone model?

We are saving images of the phone for a week before launch since we would like to keep the design uniquely our own. However, if you're interested in learning more until then you can explore our multiple YouTube channels or sign up for our mailing list.

When is the Cyrcle Phone 4G being launched?


What Does 'Non-Rectangular' Mean?

Anything that goes against convention(legally). Be different. Think outside of the rectangle.

So, Why a Circle?

Rectangles, unlike circles, are man-made shapes. They don't occur naturally. Circles are ubiquitous in nature. They're cool. They're different. Plus, they fit in your hand and pocket with ease.

What are The Cyrcle Phone 4G Specifications?

The Cyrcle Phone 4G is an LTE Android smartphone with a large round display over 3 inches in diameter. Unlike the 2G model, the 4G model does not have a hinge. Rather, the 4G model is open-faced like a traditional smartphone, simply with a round display. However, for the same reasons mentioned in the first answer, we cannot disclose any more details about the phone at this time.

How Can I Find Out More About The Cyrcle Phone 4G and dTOOR?

Sign up for our updates! It's the best way to know about our current development. You can also check out The Cyrcle Phone 2G Kickstarter or the dTOOR Annual Report which describes more about our Social Purpose Corporation.

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