FIRST LOOK: The Cyrcle Phone

A Non-Rectangular Phone for Non-Rectangular People

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The Cyrcle Phone: A Phone For Us.

The Cyrcle Phone: A Phone For Us.

News Summary

Fall 2019 Launch: The next gen Android 9 4G LTE version of The Cyrcle Phone has a unique, non-rectangular form. Meant for sharing — this phone is a game-changer with two headphone jacks and two SIM cards; for personal and professional use, or travel.

FIRST LOOK Tour: The team is going on a road trip with pre-production prototypes for final feedback from users and to connect with fashion technology influencers.

The Cyrcle Phone: Personal, Meet Professional.

The Cyrcle Phone: Personal, Meet Professional.

Full Story

Seattle, WA: dTOOR today announced The Cyrcle Phone, a new cell phone, and a Fall 2019 FIRST LOOK Tour — the first opportunity to see this game-changing mobile device in real life.

A non-rectangular phone for non-rectangular people, The Cyrcle Phone exists to inspire a world where you can be you — whatever shape you are. In a sea of rectangular devices, those with a unique sense of style are at a loss when it comes to finding something new. With two headphone jacks, sharing is the new black!

“What we’ve seen is an uptick in people wanting to communicate and be with each other in real life, and I think that’s because we’ve been so isolated with our phones and on social media — we hide behind that wall”

Christina Cyr, Founder & CEO

In times that require immediate service, professionals are increasingly expected to be on-call and carry multiple devices — forget that — this Android 9 4G LTE model features two SIM cards, for work AND play.

We’ve seen companies like Amazon and Google break the rectangular paradigm with circular devices for the home — now is the time to innovate our mobile communication devices.

The Cyrcle Phone: As Unique as I Am.

The Cyrcle Phone: As Unique as I Am.

The Cyrcle Phone Features

  • Android 9

  • 4G LTE for top speed

  • Two Headphone Jacks to bring sharing back

  • Two SIM Cards for personal, professional, and travel

  • Circular Form Factor — as unique as you


See the phone in person on the Fall 2019 FIRST LOOK Tour. The Cyrcle Phone will be available for pre-sale after the trip.

Christina Cyr has taught over 200 people how to build their own phones.

Christina Cyr has taught over 200 people how to build their own phones.

People over Product over Profit

Founded in 2015, a 2G prototype of The Cyrcle Phone was fully funded through a 2016 Kickstarter campaign and delivered to backers in a record 60 days as a DIY, 3D printable, educational device. In 2017–2018, the team focused on building momentum in the maker community — writing a community guide to launching a hardware startup and teaching over 200 people how to build their own phones.

Behind the scenes, The Cyrcle Phone has undergone intensive development. Founder and CEO, Christina Cyr, has traveled the world and led a team of over 50 employees and contractors to make the vision a reality. She compliments their caliber;

“I really trust in what my team members are talking about, what they focus in, and their specialization. At our company we value people over products over profits — meeting all those talented individuals has been an exceptional blessing.”

Christina Cyr, Founder & CEO

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